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The sewer and drain cleaning professionals at Kanga Rooter are the most trusted 24/7 professionals in the greater Chicago area! We’re available to clear and repair your most stubborn drains 7 days a week. Are you having drain issues anywhere in your house or on your property? Our drain repair service are just a phone call away! We’re your neighborhood sewer and drain specialists, and we want you to have a happier, healthier, and more convenient home.

The Importance of Drain Cleaning

Over the course of 15 to 20 years, pipes can lose up to 80% of their flow capacity. When was the last time you had your pipes maintained?

When your drains become clogged, you’ll have a host of performance problems to deal with, including:

  • Back-ups
  • Recurring drain clogs
  • Water pooling in your sink and/or shower
  • Sewer odors
  • Over-spilling and flooding
  • Broken plumbing appliances

Drain clogs aren’t just annoying; they can lead to serious health issues, too. Failing to address a drain clog quickly could cost you in the future, especially if the problematic area of piping is allowed to cave in. When the pressure on the outside of your piping exceeds that on the inside, they collapse and require excavation for replacement. A plumber will need to come to your home, dig up your yard, and have to find and fix the problem. This is a process that is far from being cheap.

Our Services

From the first moment you notice standing water in your shower, sewer odors in your kitchen, or gurgling in your sink, Kanga Rooter is the company to call! Our professionals handle every drain from tubs to toilets and so much more, and there’s no such thing as a plumbing problem we can’t fix. Call today to request any of the following:

  • Drain Clearing
  • Sewer Rodding
  • Pipe Repair
  • Trenchless Solutions
  • Sump Pump Services
  • Water Heater Services
  • Plumbing Repairs

Need fast drain and sewer service in Chicagoland? Call Kanga Rooter to have the job done right the first time around!